My background in photography is commercial based, I have a love for food imagery and a passion for still life. I created this series over a 3-month time period in response to a university brief in photography which I graduated with first. It was originally a series about the rising temperatures of our seas but when I started my research, I discovered there isn’t just one clear reason. I wanted to create something showing this so over a 3 month period at the beginning of the year, I researched, micro plastics and how it’s in everything we eat (marine based) The corruption in the sushi industry and the slave trades caused by it, over fishing and price fixing in the lobster trades considering its a cheap item, its sold as a luxury item. Pollution and single use plastics, although public aware it’s still a huge issue that’s not getting sorted as fast as it should be.  I wanted to create a series that was workable as a social media entity. I felt the love of food imagery always goes back to the likability of a shot on such platforms as Instagram and Facebook. No one reads flyers on environmental issues as they much prefer social media. I wanted to sort of infiltrate this world and shoot an advert style set of images in hopes to momentarily show the problems at hand in a gentler capacity.  My work submitted here for off centre, even though created with social media in mind, it was also created with the mind set of being used as an end of year exhibition piece. I also created it to look consistent so It would work well together as a set of images but would also stand up as standalone images in their own right.

Venue : Broadway