In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have cancelled all events for the moment.  However, it is important for our community to continue to connect and create

Key messages from Off Centre

  1. Stay at home – do not endanger yourself or members of your community by leaving home unless urgent and unavoidable. If you must leave home, stay at least 2m away from other people. If you think you have symptoms – a persistent, new, continuous cough and a fever – check the NHS website.
  2. Seek help with finances – We know most photographers will have had work cancelled, and projects put on hold, and with most government help not actually coming on streamline next month, we will all be struggling. If you need help read the information below, or email us and we can try to point you in the right direction.
  3. Continue to create, exercise and engage – This is time for physical isolation, but not social isolation, continue to create, and look after yourself. We are running a series of online events so keep in contact. 
  4. Help others - Yes, don’t put yourself or others at risk, but remember to also help to break the isolation of others. For some people, like older people who may live alone and those suffering from mental health issues and/or trauma, the climate of fear and collective doom will just reinforce their social isolation and anxiety. If you cook a meal, just drop off some food, or do a chore, it’s a time to connect, albeit safely.
  5. Share the burden –  Your social activism should continue to promote and demonstrate equality. Notably, but not exclusively, women are likely to find themselves obliged to take on an even more substantial burden of domestic and childcare duties during periods of confinement. We must respond to ensure that women (our relatives, friends and comrades) are not placed in this invidious situation but share the work with them equally and based on need.

Our regular online events

Dan’s Parlour Games - every Saturday 11 am

Dan Wheeler is hosting a weekly online class to inspire you all to make more work in confined spaces. These are taking place every Saturday at 11am – just follow the link at the Photo Parlour Instagram page here

Tasty Tuesday Photo Club - every Tuesday 2 pm (by referral only)

We have been working with people facing food poverty with collaboration with the local charity, Himmah. Although the weekly get-togethers have had to move online now. We are holding weekly photography sessions for people every Tuesday at 2 pm.

The work of Himmah is also continuing. You can see them on Channel 4 news here.  You can make a donation to Himmah here

Scrambles online get together - every Thursday at 2pm (for Scrambles members only)

The Scrambles group are meeting every Thursday online.  If you wish to take part please contact Alyn Mulholland at or Jagdish at

Some useful links 

Format announce new fund to help photographers impacted by COVID-19

The Artist General Benevolent Fund (Artists)

The Axisweb Hardship Fund our members. In light of the uncertainty artists face due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have introduced a fund to help our members facing significant financial hardship and who are unable to work, disabled, a carer, on low income or freelance. “Any member experiencing financial hardship is eligible to apply. We won’t ask you to explain why, but please apply only if you need the money. This is for members that are facing significant financial hardship and who are unable to work, disabled, a carer, on low income or freelance. In this first phase we are making a fund of £5,000 available. We are thinking of 50 x £100 awards decided on a lottery basis (this is how we have run a similar initiative in the past). Any member in receipt of this award won’t have to repay any money.”

The Eaton Fund Grants are restricted to artists and students working in the visual arts fields, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, print-making, photography, and video installations. We do not give grants for the performing arts. Only make grants to artists or art students who live or study in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

East Midlands Artists Corona Virus Impact Fund Rafia H supported by In Good Company @rafiaproduces “looking to raise £2000 and distribute £200 to 10  people on a first come first served basis. If you need to access this fund because you have been affected by loss of income due to COVID-19 then please do get in touch. It can be for rent, childcare, groceries etc – there will be no questions asked. “

Disability Arts announces new commissions for disabled artists

Arts Council announces emergency measures and a £160m funding package including:

  1. £90 million available to NPOs to ‘reboot their creative work, but we also understand it may be required to alleviate financial pressures on NPOs’. In addition, this round of NPO funding will continue until 2023, with the next round of applications opening in 2022 (originally scheduled to open autumn 2021)
  2. £50 million available to organisations that are not in receipt of regular funding from Arts Council England. Organisations who have applied to National Lottery Project Grants are welcome to apply for this support.
  3. £20 million of financial support available to individuals to sustain themselves, and their work, in the coming months.

We are sending out regular newsletters during this period. This will provide the latest information and also help you link into the work photographers are doing around the globe. Please subscribe on our homepage. You can read the previous newsletters here