SEA 8, 2019 explores my desire to find reconciliation between our relationship with the sea and a sense of disconnection between the longing towards a mythological and poetic view of the sea and a growing understanding of the environmental impact of human-induced environmental change and the strategic appropriation of our oceans.  Philip Steinberg suggests that, if we wish to appreciate the ocean fully, we need to engage with its material, dynamic and aqueous nature, with its creatures and flora, as well as its political and economic role and connections and its poetic and metaphorical role in human culture. Against this backdrop this project explores the nature and meaning of ‘the sea’ by considering the experience of emotional, behavioural, psychological and physical connections that keep humans so enchanted with water whilst considering the historic appropriation and militarisation of the seas and the toxic legacy left behind by years of waste disposal in our oceans.  The viewer is left to reconcile their own relationship to the sea and to consider how we can come to understand and engage more with ocean conservation and gain a deeper understanding of our oceans as being contested zones as well as symbolic poetic spaces.

Venue- Rough Trade