photo credit Trevor Hamilton

Jake is a Self Employed Graphic Designer, Photographer and Maker, originally from Chesterfield and now living in Nottingham. He became involved with Nottingham through being involved with Maker Faire's in the UK, which led onto him helping set up and serve as a Trustee at Nottingham Hackspace.

He is based out of The Photo Parlour, where he works from as well as putting in a day a week helping to run the space and helping to set up the Nottingham Photo Social.

Most of his design work is for other small independent businesses in Nottingham City Centre, working mainly on branding and logos, including the branding and design work for Off-Centre Photography Festival and the centre itself.

While doing photography as part of his design work, he is also a furverent street and portrait photographer as Hot Pink Bulb. He also brings his talents as a maker into his other hobbies including fixing, customising and building his own cameras from scratch as Nottingham Camera Works.

Specifically being on the side of photography as an artistic expression or aesthetic, he is a big believer in photography as a therapy or creative outlet, that finding anything photographic to do can make a big improvement to anyone's mental wellbeing.