Fairs come, fairs go. They are fleeting; they are temporary. There are only a few short days in the childhood calendar when you can visit the fair. A mundane Autumn suddenly comes alive with the deafening music, the flashing lights, the adrenalin, the smell of diesel and fried onions and the money in your pocket dwindling by the second. I was fascinated by fairs as a child, and I suppose I still am. I am drawn to them, and now I photograph them.    This particular project has developed over the last three years, as I focused on a single fairground ride, called The Super Skid. This ride was my favourite ride as a child. It's owned by Jimmy Bowry, a showman based in Surrey and was originally built in 1933.   My work contrasts completely with my memories and experiences as a child - when it is sleepy, silent and deserted, long before it opens for business. This period is unsettling, empty, lonely and still. You see the fair in a new light.  I photograph the fair in black and white using a medium format film camera.

Venue- New Art Exchange