Our Vision & Values

We believe that photography is an essential visual art to engage individuals and can play a critical role in shaping civic and contemporary attitudes, initiate collaborative conversations and change prevailing thoughts about our local environment and marginalised communities. 

We provide accessible facilities and support for photographers, and also a platform for individuals and communities to develop creative photographic work and engage with one another.

We do this by:

  • Providing facilities and expertise including workshops and talks, darkroom and film processing, discussions and social events
  • Providing opportunities to involve people and communities in dialogue, learning, collaboration or social interaction
  • Providing platforms to showcase photography through exhibitions, festivals and publications.
  • Developing opportunities to collaborate with others on research projects into visual art and transformation of community practice.

Our Core Values
Inclusion and Diversity

We are an artistic community committed to providing a safe and supportive environment. We aim to ensure our services have a culture of respect and reflect the diversity of our local community. We will also promote social mobility, internationalism, and inclusion wherever possible.
Excellence, Creativity and Passion

We aim to inspire, challenge and support photographers and local people who are passionate about using their creative skills to develop their artistic practice and/or to impact society.
Connections and Collaboration

We aim to connect with the local community, expanding artistic possibilities, outcomes and improve people’s lives through creative collaboration

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