This is an on-going series of photographs that explores comfort in a familiar setting, capturing the connection between my subject Tilly, and her parent’s warm, inviting home. The house sits on the banks of the River Trent in a quiet, back road of Clifton, surrounded by a serene landscape, filled with cornfields, woodland, fishing pond, and the river. This place is far away from the noise of city or suburbia and Clifton estates. The stillness offers a great sense of privacy here. As a child, all Tilly knew was the freedom of this rural playground, far away from any noise apart from the birds and crickets. Going back to her parent’s house; after moving out a year and a half ago, Tilly is able to wash away her everyday stress and anxiety with the forgiving silence, giving her time to collect her thoughts and breathe. She knows she is at home when she can see her parent’s boat sitting in the river from her veranda. The four walls which these photos were taken act as a comforting blanket of memories for Tilly that evoke feelings of nostalgia, making her happy to be back to the place she truly calls home. I followed Tilly between a 12 month period whilst shooting the images I have so far. I like the sunbeams in the images as theme, something that symbolizes a light that guides us. I also want my subject to appear comfortable and a confident with herself, as this the place the reconnects her to the thing that reminds her of who she is, and helps her balance her mental health.

Venue- New Art Exchange