In this project, I could be working with the idea of reality and how fiction and facts can be combined to make a collection of images. These images progress through ideas, views and news, however, these are my own twist to them and could lead to a biased view (depending on how you read the images) Another theme to these are all self-portraits, so it’s a basically a way to draw my self up to represent my ideas. I am trying to get the audience to see how this work was produce and how no of its really true, just a man how acts out these poses and get stuck on with an artist photographers point of view. By showing this work I want to show the public and other artist my work and how adapted to a style which could be unusual and it shows how others have influenced me, and worked around with camera techniques and Photoshop. To me this work is also personal and it contains my in take of a reality we hardly see or commonly see and just let it go by us.

Venue- New Art Exchange