A photo can take us to a moment in time that, without context, becomes something else in our mind. This is a collection of photographs from many different times and places, linked by an emotional ambiguity. Each photograph in this series has been hand printed in a traditional dark room, but without the use of an easel. This results in borderless photos, that occasionally reveal the edges of the film strip.   While creating this series I have been returning to work that I haven’t looked closely at since its original creation. Looking back, I’ve seen new connections and potential in photos that were otherwise orphaned as negatives. The printing technique I have been using encourages a more intuitive and playful attitude towards these photos. This has helped me find new meaning in photographs that previously lived on the fringes of my memory.  Although born in Nottingham, I have lived  in both Japan and The Netherlands  and this has influenced my work. Inspiration for this series include the photographer Daido Moriyama and the British Critical theorist Mark Fisher.   

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