Our Open Call for submissions to our 2019 festival is now closed.

We need as many volunteers as possible to help make the festival happen.

Everyone who submitted should have an email from us.

We are using Zealous.co for our submissions process, you sign up for an account, then can work on your submission via their portal. This should help us manage the number of applications we had last time easier.

Anyone who lives in the East Midlands is welcome to submit. There are no other requirements other than you consider yourself to be creatively invested in the area, we are not going to be specific about drawing any boundaries and fully expect to receive submissions from people no longer living in the East Midlands.

All types of photographic work is welcome to be submitted. It doesn't have to be taken locally, all that matters is the photographers are local. Its about showing off what the local photographers are doing. There is no specific theme, we hope to exhibit a wide range of work.

We expect people to submit an ongoing series you have been working on for a few weeks, months or longer. Ideally the series will share a similar trait, whether that's the aesthetic and feel, a common subject, something with a story or just the intent that the images work together. 

What matters most is that the photos aren't obviously from the same shoot or same day. 

If they are from a single day/event, the photos should be varied and show a wide breadth of what was happening.

This is one of the first factors we consider as part of the judging process.

We will be providing mentoring for anyone we feel would benefit too.

We will only accept photographic images. All images will be printed and framed by the festival.

The work exhibited will be chosen by a selection panel of industry experts including George Miles (Nottingham Trent University), Jade Foster (New Art Exchange) Louise Fedotov-Clements (Format Festival) Nicola Shipley (Grain Photography Hub) and Vanley Burke. You can read more details about the selection panel HERE

Submit 5 images that show off your project or series, files should be high enough resolution to print A3 size.

We will only accept photographic images. All images will be printed and framed by the festival.

There is no fee to pay to submit, we will be funding all the printing and framing, so the only thing you need to invest is your time.

Photographers retain full copyright and ownership of their photos when submitting. Then if your work is exhibited we will ask for photographers to sign a license to allow us to use those photos for publicity and in the book we are producing, again with photographers retaining full copyright and ownership of their photos.

We have put together a panel for the selection process.  All photographs will be assessed on the quality and originality of the images, as well as how well they sit together as a body of work.

Some examples of work exhibited at last years festival.

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