International Photographer - studio and location. This can be creative environments, or natural working situations. I'm a contributing photographer for Getty Images and also supply my images as large scale prints for offices. I undertaking commercial projects anywhere around the world. I thoroughly enjoy travelling and meeting new people and creating my own style of images for clients.  My assisting days started with two photographers based in Nottingham. This time was spent working on commercial project and working in the black & white darkroom. I later moved to London and worked with Tim Flach, the world renowned animal art photographer. This was a remarkable period, as I was able to work with Tim of many creative high end agency projects, his personal creations and his commercial client work. This shaped the way I think about my projects and my client work, and has been an immense influence. I then progressed to establishing myself under the name Faceiro*.  I enjoy photographing what I find interesting and creatively challenging. I'm best known for the originality that I bring to capturing the essence of portraits.  *Faceiro - my capoeira nickname and you can normally find me training capoeira at Cordão de Ouro group in Nottingham, and with capoeira groups when I travel. 

Venue- Rough Trade