I am a British/Greek photographer, film-maker and writer, whose work explores the lives of individuals and communities who exist on the outer edges of contemporary society; whether by their own volition or due to social, political and environmental forces beyond their control. My work has been published and exhibited widely and has been recognised by numerous international awards and grants.   In 2009 I gained a 1st Class Honours Degree in photojournalism at the London College of Communication and studied under the tutorship of respected British social documentary photographer Homer Sykes, who played a major role in guiding me in refining my practice.   After graduation I spent a number of years working as a press photographer covering live music for publications such as NME, RockSound and Metal Hammer, in addition to snapping red carpet events for daily newspapers. My focus then shifted towards developing long-form personal projects that would investigate diverse issues such as healthcare for the elderly, the ongoing global economic crisis, fringe motorsports in the UK and the impact of gang-violence in El Salvador. In all cases my work is driven by a fundamental urge to educate myself and challenge my understanding of some of society‚Äôs under-reported issues and by extension challenge the views of those that see my work.

Venue- Photo Parlour