French living in the UK, writer, painter, student in Journalism and... Photographer. Since I arrived in Nottingham, I've been stuck in the city, so I started shooting the streets to help me know the new place I was living in, to be part of it in a way while being a stranger. I've shot exclusively in Nottingham for the last 2 years or so. I'm not interested in shiny, commercial like picture, even though my activities include, for a large part, editorial portraiture, I try to always keep a documentary approach. But shooting streets is still what I love most, being a witness of what people don't really notice or simply forget. I don't value my work as important, it's just an occupation, a game that keep me moving forward and keeps me connected with the world. I look for stories, quirks or moment where things are aligned for a split second to tell something more than they are.  I know there's a lot of street photographer, and everybody is a photographer, so I'm no better than any other, it's just mine, and I hope to make a book when I consider I have enough things to describe how I feel about the city, what happens besides the official stories. I've got documentary projects in development with this kind of approach: looking where others don't or don't want to. My training as a journalist made me understand that there were a strong need of this since journalist nowadays are trained to show people what they want instead of what they need. I hope that I'll manage, in some extend, to challenge this. Street Photography is then part of my training, and has become more important than I thought when I started. Nothing original in my approach, I just try to be genuine and bullshitless. I've been an artist in France for 15 years, I know a lot about bullshit 🙂

Venue- Rough Trade