Born in Peterborough, my family has always lived in a town called Stamford (just outside of Peterborough) and it's where I have grown up my whole life. I've always been creative; from making my own lego creations to playing and creating my own games in the playground of my primary school. I always enjoyed school because my friends made it worthwhile and enjoyable. As I went through school life I had developed appreciation for creative arts; I learned how to play guitar for the first six years of school and then decided to leave it behind in secondary school. This was when I was first introduced to photography; the classes I first had were basic but I enjoyed tinkering and playing with the buttons to take a photo. I grew basic photography skills over the period of secondary school and throughly knew I enjoyed this subject the most. This was when I wanted to take my photography to the next level and into a professional state in years to come. After school I went on to do a two year media course where I learned about branding, aesthetics and film skills. It's a beneficial course to do if you're looking to go into the photography world because the media is where most of your work will go out to; learning about this area proved to be worthwhile for me and I got a better understanding of what I need to do to get my work out into the world. Afterwards I started my University course at New college Stamford. Ever since the start we have been experimenting and creating projects that prepare us for the open world of photography. One of these projects was Traces. The word traces is very broad and could be interpreted as many ideas. My family was the main focus; households were what I wanted to focus on. Often enough, objects are used and then left to be used again later around the house becoming a trace of that person until they return to it. This is what I aimed to capture. Personally I think it was a successful attempt; I'm still learning and improving my photography imagery all the time and with every new project I try to think of different photography techniques. Right now I only have one year of education left until I go into work potentially. I think that my skills and ideas in photography are strong enough to withstand the world and hopefully I will make my family proud of the work I am able to produce. Visually I aim to please and bring questions to what I am taking a photo of. I think of myself as a perfectionist and would want nothing less for my photography.

Venue- New Art Exchange