I've always wanted to speak to my dad about his addiction but could never find a way to approach the subject. I've been aware of his addiction since I was in my early teens but we had never spoken about it until I started this project, which has been a very cathartic experience for the both of us as son and father. The project spanned over around 4-5 months, but I plan to continue it gradually over the years, building on the first hand testimony I've gathered from speaking to him. The testimony ranges from him unknowingly breaking into a cob shop for milk while under the influence, to seeing somebody overdose, all of this building on the mentality of the person suffering with addiction.  My name is George Holder, I'm 22 and I'm a photography student based in the East Midlands. The majority of my work revolves around location, and emotions that are felt within places, but I've started working towards more socially conscious work, primarily within misconception of addiction.

Venue- Rough Trade