The Nottingham Centre for Photography and Social Engagement is a social enterprise working across the Midlands. 

We provide accessible facilities and support for photographers, and also a platform for individuals and communities to develop creative photographic work and engage with one another.

From the project/series HEIMATLOS by Jagdish Patel

We believe photography is an essential visual art to engage individuals. It can play a critical role in shaping civic and contemporary attitudes, initiate collaborative conversations, and change prevailing thoughts about our local environment and marginalised communities.

Our History

The Nottingham Centre for Photography and Social Engagement was founded by photographers who spent many years mentoring and supporting people interested in creativity and visual arts. We have experience and skills to help the local community to bring about social change on issues such as racial disparity, mental well being, gender equality, health and poverty.

Photography is a social as much as a solitary act, its results are often collaborative and it has much potential to bring people together to create collective artistic responses to many situations

Mick Rhodes
Grace Eden
Priscilla Toy
Phil Formby
Aria Mark
David Severn

Over 2018 we ran a series of workshops and social events and towards the end of the year, we ran the ‘Off Centre Photography Festival’, Nottingham’s first independent photo festival.

Off-Centre Festival

During the Festival we exhibited work across 10 different venues, showcasing work by over 130 different photographers from a range of different backgrounds, photography genres and exploring a broad range of different themes. The festival also engaged with other local events such as Mental Health Awareness week, and Black History month. The outcome of this work continues with the mental well being social, and the Sisterhood Creative, a support network for women photographers.

Get Involved

If you have space and want to help please contact us. We accept volunteers regardless of skill level. There is a rotation in roles, but we’ll teach you all the skills you need to know. We can take two internships per year, and provide formal mentoring. Donations are also vital to our growth, as we use them to buy cameras for people who can’t afford them, tools, and to help support our outreach work.