I am a Nottingham based photographer that specialises in portrait and fashion. I am currently looking for studio assisting and assisting work to try and push my career further and meet people within the industry.   Statement: I no longer buy first hand fashion. Second hand fashion opened up a whole new world for me. It’s about the thrill of the thrift. You enter a shop unaware of the gems you’ll leave with. Fast Fashion is so mundane. It’s about retailers forcing us young people into a constant need for more. We buy slogan t-shirts about empowering women, but research how your clothes are made is that really empowering women? I choose not to support this. Second hand fashion allows me to buy pieces no one else has. I can be an individual, a creative. I can find vintage pieces with more memories than me and create more memories with them. Restyled is a photography project about people who love second hand fashion and how they style their pieces.   Description: I believe that it is now more relevant than ever to be more considerate of how we shop with the increasing prevalence of extinction rebellion and Fridays for future within our media. I wanted my project to be able to show people that second hand fashion is an easy alternative and buying second hand will prevent clothing going to landfill and further polluting our environment. Fashion constitutes to 8% of our global emissions. Shopping second hand reduces your impact as the production emissions are eliminated and the transport emissions are reduced. I also wanted to fight the stigma that second hand means dirty and unloved. I tried to show second hand as elegant, beautiful and full of life.

Venue- Photo Parlour