I'm a Welsh photographer based in Beeston, Nottinghamshire.  I became interested in making photographs whilst working as a stills and documents archivist for the British Film Institute.  Whilst working there I studied part-time at the London Institute of Photography and initially photographed authors for publishing houses and musicians for record labels. I relocated to Nottinghamshire in 2018.   The Rylands is a neighbourhood of Beeston which takes in sections of the River Trent and the Nottingham-Beeston Canal.  Historically the area has been badly affected by flooding and a defining Rylands image in the Google archives shows a caravan almost entirely submerged under water.  There are now new flood defences and whilst there is still some lingering sense of jeopardy,  I wanted to document the feeling of endless youth  / permanent vacation I found when I first visited in early 2018.  I plan to slowly evolve the project over several years.

Venue- Photo Parlour