The Centre (and Photo Parlour) are important Hubs for photographers in Nottingham. It is a safe space for people to think about their work, to develop their practice and many conversations have helped people to think critically about live projects. We also run a regular learning program, and you can find details of these through our events page. 

We have a team of people around with a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to help people. Amongst the team at the Nottingham Centre for Photography are people who have spent years engaging in collaborative practice, experimental learning and critical debate across the Arts. 

We can, therefore, offer tailor-made mentoring and support for people are various stages of their photography practice, particularly around business development, arts-based research, practice-based approaches, ethical considerations and co-authored methodology.

If you are thinking about developing tailor-made photography courses either with students, people in community settings, or even for yourself, then contact us as we can offer the following:

•   Provide the skills needed to professionalise careers 

•   Develop creative, critical, analytical and intellectual competencies appropriate to your practice

•   Help develop research methods in the context of contemporary art and photography

•   Develop tailor-made course to focus on wellbeing, confidence building, social interaction and creativity 

We are also able to offer two unpaid Internships per year for students at either College or University. These will be designed your learning and interests and may from 12 weeks to 1 year.

If you are interested, please contact us.