I'm a film photo-maker based in my hometown of Chesterfield. Though my subject matter varies wildly between sacred spaces, British pastimes, self portraiture and collaborations with artists, I am always coming back to - and building upon - my photographic catalogue of everyday midlands life (of which my submitted images are a select few.) My approach and aesthetic is to present each situation exactly as I find it, in all its raw and imperfect beauty. Most of the time I get in my car and drive around aimlessly. Having no fixed destination means I meander to parts I wouldn’t normally venture, and from my experience, those golden moments that we strive for as photographers lie await in the unknown. I think you’d be hard pressed to find any Brit today who doesn’t acknowledge the social and economic decay that we find ourselves navigating daily. We’re expected to feign a smile and gloss over the fact, despite the visible signs of increasingly vacant high streets and growing dependencies on community food banks. I wish to capture these hard truths through the lens of a midlands native.

Venue- New Art Exchange