The Nottingham Centre for Photography provides a diverse range of services for people interested in engaging with photography and visual arts. Some of the services we provide include the following :

Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub is a collection of projects with people through interconnected arts and health-based programs. These include projects which help people create personal work about their lived experience, socially engage creative workshops with tackle wellbeing, confidence building, loneliness and other issues. We also run a monthly meet up for people around the issue of mental wellbeing, primarily through a peer-led group called Scrambles. 

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Mentoring and Support

The Centre (and Photo Parlour) are important Hubs for photographers in Nottingham. We provide a safe space for people to think about their work, to develop their practice and the many conversations have helped people to think critically about live projects. 

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We also run a regular learning program, and you can find details of these through our events page. 

The Sisterhood Creative

The Sisterhood Creative is a space for women photographers and creatives in and around Nottingham. It was set up in November 2018 by Bridie Lewis and Leah Wareham, who wanted to create a space for women that was safe, fun and empowering. Through socials and workshops, the group aim to promote and further the skills and talents of women photographers through regular socials and workshops.

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Nottingham Photo Social 

The Nottingham Photo Social is an informal monthly gathering that offers a platform for local photographers to showcase their photography, improve their skills, and develop their personal approach to their photography projects.

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