I am an analogue photographer based in Nottingham. I am constantly setting myself a wide range of different projects around themes that have a personal interest for me.  This is an ongoing project documenting the vibrancy and diversity of the people in the Hyson Green area of Nottingham.  This is a deliberate effort to promote the qualities of this part of the city. Whilst not without its problems, the beauty of Hyson Green and the opportunities within the location are often lost in the wider negative reflections on the area.  As these images were all shot on one very hot summers day i have decided to call this set of images 'A Sunny Afternoon in Hyson Green'  I had recently watched Spike Lee's film 'Do The Right Thing' which is filmed on one very hot summers day in Harlem, and was inspired by the aesthetics of the film and how Spike Lee had managed to portray that hot summers day feeling throughout the film but also the vibrancy of the Harlem community.  This is something i have tried to create...the vibe on those rare overly warm summers day where everything seems to slow down and the local community are on the streets enjoying the sunshine.

Venue- Backlit