My Name is Theo Leonowicz, I'm in my final year at Nottingham Trent University studying Photography. I pride myself in how evolved photography can be, not just  to do with the process of creating art or images in the darkroom but how much of a broad and/or very specific reach and impact photography can have, as well as the vision world (pretty much everything) that it can take from, Photography is Political, psychological, Personal, Emotional, exploitative, funny and sad. Photography is part of our lives and how we experience, see and remember the world. Letting in what photography can do unclouds the mind and shows you the world for what it really is, isn't or can be !  This Project which has been going on over the summer and when appropriate has given me an opportunity through images to find and show what the face or expression can say. What can it lead the viewer on to think when all they have to go on is the image itself? How does facial expressions which is a form of language become challenged when little context is given? Hopefully through this ambiguity some interpretive discord causes the viewer to think and ponder on the person they are looking at; Where are they from? Who are they? What have they been through? What are they thinking?

Venue- Rough Trade