Freelance Photographer based in Nottingham mostly working live events etc. 33yrs old, went to college at 27, nailed it, started uni at 31, hated it, trying to be a full-time freelancer since about spring last year, loving it.  As above, the 'project' has been going for just over five and a half years now and has no real end point that I have in mind. I quite like that the imagery that I spend time composing and editing is shredded down to a small quality file file and dumped on social media for instinctual judgment. While I am limited by Instagrams t's & c's with how much I can put out there with the darker side of my mental health issues the images are not meant as a more than for myself and only meant to represent the day through my thoughts behind my public mask. The act of broadcasting these images though has led to a handful of people around the world connecting with me about starting their own regular journal type accounts which is nice and uplifting to see happen. I'm always intrigued with how people react and talk to me about the project though as it seems to bring a good mix of reactions.

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