Thank you for offering to volunteer for Off-Centre Festival, we rely heavily on our volunteers to help us run the festival.


This is our second year running the festival, the event runs from Saturday 16th November to the Sunday 24th November, with workshops and talks running on the weekends and evenings.

We are exhibiting 80 photographers across 10 venues across the city centre. All our venues are walkable by foot from the city centre, with New Art Exchange accessible easily via the Tram (though they always provide their own volunteers)

What we expect of our volunteers

Our primary requirement is for volunteers to sit and look after our venues spaces, the venues will be open for a couple of slots during the day. Likely focussed on people visiting on lunch time and after work. However this will vary a little between venues.

Assuming we get enough volunteers we will be putting 2-3 volunteers into each of our venues. If available we are happy to have help during set up the week before, and take down the week after. However the priority is the above.

What we can offer our volunteers

The main thing we offer our volunteers is a letter of recommendation from Off-Centre for your placement with us. As well as using us as a reference. We will also offer priority access to all our workshops and talks.

Off-Centre is a good opportunity to get involved with the Photographic Community here in Nottingham, we always mix up our volunteers so that you get to spend time with other photographers while looking after the venues.

Please fill out the form below

We will create a schedule and email it out to all the volunteers, along with asking which workshops you want to be involved with. We can move this schedule around a little to suit as well, while also hopefully having a surplus of volunteers to cover any last minute changes to your schedule.