'Holly' is a selection of photographs that come from an ever growing catalogue consisting purely my younger sister. I find myself with a consistent urge to not only capture her growing through adolescence but also establishing our relationship through the photographic medium. In the beginning, I used her purely to set up shoots, test ideas and as a starting point for bigger projects. However, over time she has become the only person I ever want to or feel truly comfortable shooting. We share the same desire for 'truth' in my imagery (or as truthful as photography can be) with me wanting to show my sister through my gaze and her wanting to represent her ever evolving identity. Because of this, the images end up holding an almost diaristic quality; a documentation of her teenage years through the lens of someone watching her grow. Our age difference is three years. Short enough for us to continuously relate yet long enough for me to grow nostalgic as I watch her tackle the same issues I have just faced myself. I feel ultimately it is our relationship that makes photographing Holly something I never want to stop doing, I see our lives projected through her portrait.  All photographs have been shot on a Hasselblad 500cm with exception to image: Project piece/ February 2018 which was shot on a Canon 5D Mark ii. Interesting as stylistically upon editing at the time I mimicked the Hasselblad format before ever picking one up. Funny that.

Venue- New Art Exchange